Block and Time Schedule

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Strategic management Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: April 17, 2011
1.Statement of Problem
2.Problem and Contribution
6.Allocation of Task
7.Time Schedule

1.Statement of the Problem :

Nowadays, almost everyone had heard Yakult. In our view, Yakult is an extremely famous beverages company. However, how can we imagine this small beverage can be an international product at the start? We believed that one of the successful reasons is their marketing strategies, say, Yakult place various advertisements, regularly and develop different flavor in different countries. Therefore, we are trying to find out what marketing strategies they are using in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, also what are the advantages and disadvantages of these marketing strategies.

2.Problem and Contribution
This study is primly focused on the promotion and product strategies of Yakult. Firstly, we would through course of analyses like Marketing Mix, SWOT Analysis and Competitor Comparison to identify the strategies that the companies are using and how the Yakult vary their market strategies due to different culture, economic and political environment. Then, we would analyze advantage and disadvantage of promotion strategies are effective and successful. Finally, we would recommend some suggestion for Yakult.

3.Scope :
This project covers Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Apart from analyze Yakult itself, we will also analyze the cultural differences among these countries like background, tastes, custom, feedback and other factors, so as to identify whether the cultural difference affect the marking strategy, and how the marketing strategies of Yakult vary in different culture.

4.Limitation :
Because Yakult headquartered in Japan, we are lack in channels to obtain the primary data as there are difficult to have an interview with manager of Yakult. Hence, we can only rely on the data from the internet. However, data from the internet (external...
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