Blind Squirel Enterprise

Topics: Employment, Trade union, Union organizer Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Blind Squirrel Enterprises
(Case Study)

Blind Squirrel Enterprises is enduring the same problem that many companies face today. The dilemma of how to balance employee and customer happiness while also keeping the business from going under. Many times in the work place, especially when employees become unhappy, unions try to come in and promise the employees bigger and better entitlements. Blind Squirrel is experiencing this and trying to avoid any unnecessary rise in expenses. We are about to look at how Blind Squirrel Enterprises can capture the business from NASA, keep their workforce intact at current levels at the same rate of pay, manage an exploding workforce and add additional expertise in required fields without going under. From our study of Blind Squirrel Enterprises (BSE) we have identified that BSE has obviously been performing well, due to the fact that they have expanded from their initial 15 employees to 150 in the past month. It seems that in order to capture the business from NASA, BSE needs to “trim the fat” or try to eliminate excess spending and become more efficient. NASA is a world renowned company that doesn't have problems finding suppliers for their products. From our study it seems that Blind Squirrel Enterprises has impressed NASA but needs to make sure they are pushing in the right direction while expanding. A big deal for Blind Squirrel is the workforce. It seems like BSE use to be a very close family oriented business but has recently exploded into a bigger not so close of an employee environment. The original 15 may be upset with the new working environment. Allied Space Workers Union is attempting to organize the workforce and all it takes is some employees to agree to join. There are five steps for BSE to avoid being unionized. The first step is to conduct an employee relations audit. This is best done by an outside consulting agency so it’s independent and unbiased, an employee relations audit will turn up what’s really on...
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