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(An Informal guide to BITS Dissertation writing) BITS ZG629T(Off- Campus)


An Informal Guide to All Students of BITS, who are doing their Higher Degree Dissertation Projects in the current semester Dissert at ion Proj ect s in t his sem est er culm inat e in t o a very im port ant and final st age of your educat ional process of BI TS. This leads t o subm ission of a professional report of a high qualit y st andard, as required of t he BI TS Dissert at ion. A Dissert at ion report is of a higher st andard in it ’s approach, wider in scope and deeper in t he levels of underst anding t han t hat of a Thesis report . As a BI TS st u de n t , you should take pride in the Dissertation report as well as your work. You should t ake t im e t o read t his not ice carefully t o avoid u n n e ce ssa r y w a st a ge of your hard time and t hat of t he peer reviewers in cor r e spon de n ce . Here are som e of t he suggest ions t o reduce this, and also prevent Dissertation report revision. Take a Look at the following sections:

Why all this? Follow only BITS Standard Format for the Title Pages of Dissertation(S1) Next page that follows is the certificate. (S2) Abstract Page (S3) Expression of gratitude (Acknowledgement), Dedications (S4) List of symbols, List of Figures & List of Tables (S5) Index / Table of Contents (S6) Chapters and their arrangement (Introduction S7) Results & discussion Conclusion (Page /Chapter) S8 Appendices (S9) References(S10,S11) Communications after you submit the Dissertation Self evaluation or checklist before you send the Dissertation Some tips, dos and don'ts

Why all this?
We have com e t o not ice t he revisions have been necessit at ed even t hree t im es aft er subm ission by t he due dat e and even in som e cases re- regist rat ion int o next sem est er. The resubm ission cases account for about 30% of t he t ot al num ber of t heses subm it t ed in t he current sem est er. This you can definitely reduce / avoid by carefully going through following instructions contained in this booklet. The Dissert at ion will furt her go t hrough a peer review com m it t ee t o go t hrough your report in order to oversee the following: a) b) c) d) Compliance of a BITS standard Dissertation format, Overall im pact and cont ribut ion m ade by t he Dissert at ion t o t he subj ect / present day knowledge, efforts put in by you to collect data/experiments Technical discussions put forward by him / or program m ing exercise done/ experim ent s done in order to achieve the desired set of goals put forward by him/her How he/she was able to keep to the schedules and evaluation reports.

How the Dissertation should be submitted? THE DISSERTATION SHOULD BE SUBMITTED IN A NEATLY TYPED AND BOUND VOLUME ONLY AND IT SHOULD BE COMPLETE IN ALL RESPECTS. Any other form is liable to be rejected / ignored even without notice to you.

Taking int o account all t hese param et ers, it is likely t hat you r fin a l gr a de is lia ble to be revised if the Dissertation falls short of any of the guidelines.

Follow only BITS Standard Format for the Title Pages of Dissertation. Please do n ot have you r ow n de sign s of t h e t it le a n d in n e r cove r pa ge s. Ot herwise it is not possible t o dist inguish bet ween a report and t he Dissert at ion. Please do not cover t hem by a n y ot h e r blank/ filled pages. See t hat t he t it le of t h e pr oj e ct gives an idea of t he proj ect covered by your Dissertation and it should be consistently be same as approved by your mentor / BITS. See the sample as per the format (S- 1).

Next page that follows is the certificate.
Cert ificat e form at is t o be followed. See t hat t he t it le of t he proj ect is sam e as given in t he t it le page ( s) . I f not , your Dissert at ion has n o cor r e la t ion w it h t h e ce r t ifica t e and m akes bot h...
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