Bite Size Learning

Topics: Learning, Skill, Economics Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Bite-size Learning Work-related learning has traditionally been associated with training courses that take up time away from the workplace. It is possible to deliver learning in frequent, bite-sized chunks on a more regular, and less time-consuming basis, however. If you think about it, most of our learning outside work is done in frequent short sessions- a driving lesson, a television documentary, or a French class. Why not build on what works? We know that many organisations would like to get involved in Learning at Work Day, but because of the type of business, for example, a hospital, or a busy call centre, it seems impossible to allow employees time away from their duties. Bite-sized learning means organisations lose very little work time, but gain so much in the long run. Bite-size sessions are generally held on-site, eliminating all the problems that arise from taking employees to a venue; transport, meals and high costs. Additionally, a common failing of some off-site courses is that people come back to the office and behave no differently. People are able to transfer new skills and understanding best when they are learned in a similar situation to the one in which they will be applied. Bite-size learning is much more popular than regular training, in fact more than 8 out of 10 say they recommend it (Based on 20,000 participants who have taken part in The Mind Gym 90-minute workouts). The easier it is to learn, the more open people are to learning and the more they will retain and use in the future. Benefits to the organisation • Less disruptive and easier to fit into the normal working day • Cost savings of up to 80% • Eliminate information overload- most people only remember three things from a workshop so why waste a whole day when a short session would have the same effect? • Research shows that people learn and remember more if they learn a bit at a time over a long period (distributed learning) Benefits to the employee • It’s easier to offer a broad...
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