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Topics: Human resource management, Professional services, Human resources Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: May 13, 2013
The project paper was undertaken to know about the human resource management in the company. Our group had decided to choose chapter 4 (Job Analysis and the Talent Management Process) and focus more on subtopic job analysis. Job analysis consists of job descriptions and job specifications. For the final decision, we specifically chose job specifications as our title for Human Resource Management (HRM) project paper.

Job specification is a statement of employee characteristics and qualification required for satisfactory performance of defined duties and tasks comprising a specific job or function. These three elements are very important for every company to hire a new employee. However, it depends on how company chose the employee, whether want the educated employee or employee that has many experiences.

Deloitte is the company that we choose for this project paper. It is one of the services companies that provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services. Actually, during the presentation for this project paper, we chose Sime Darby Company at first. Because of several problems, we change the company to Deloitte Company.

Today, Deloitte is one of the leading professional service organizations in the world. We can see in Malaysia, Deloitte is among the nation’s top professional services firms that provide service for public and private sector. In addition, Deloitte is the only professional services firm to offer a full range of services in both compliance and advisory

Generally, Deloitte take all the elements of job descriptions to be a reference for them to hire a new employee. For them, skills, education and experience are very important for the employee because a quality employee will lead a better performance for the company. As we know, the mission for Deloitte is to help clients and their people excel. If their can hire employee by followed their job specifications, easier for them to achieve a goal and...
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