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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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ASTR 1030 Birthday Lab b Name: Section: 1030 Date:1/28/13

Birthplace: Brazil Betem

Longitude: w 45 27' 36.00 Latitude: s 19 9' 36.00

Date of birth: 6/4/1776 Day of the Week Thursday

Your birth sign, according to the newspaper astrologer: Gemini

Actual zodiacal constellation the Sun lay in: It in a different constellation each month

Time of Sunrise on your birth date:5:42A.M.; Sunset:7:32P.M.

Mercury lies to the east of the Sun in the constellation Aquarius

Venus lies to the west of the Sun in the constellation Sagittarius

Was the Moon visible at Noon? Yes Was it waxing (left of Sun) or waning (right) ?right

Now find the number of days since the New Moon above until your birthday: if new moon occurred after your birthday, go to the previous month option . How “old” is the Moon, in days past new?

On my birthday, the Moon was on Last quarter days past new.

In the circle at left, draw in the Moon’s phase as shown for the day
you were born, or describe it:_______________________________
On my birthday, the Moon was _____________________________
in its phase, as I have drawn at left (optional).

The Moon rose at 5.41 and set at 18:52 on my birthday.

Now go to an hour after sunset on the night you were born, and examine the evening sky and the constellations that were out then. Mark on your printout the names of several constellations you recognize. Also mark the Moon, if visible, and any planets that were out that evening. List them below as well, indicating the constellations in which they were to be found then.

Planets visible on the evening of my birthday were: The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Note: if none were visible, just put “none visible” instead. This is rare, but it does happen.
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