Taurus Constellation

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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ORIGIN OF THE NAME .- The name of the Taurus Constellation originated from the Greek word Taros which means “the bull”.

LEGEND.- The story behind the Taurus constellation is that Zeus (a Greek god) transformed himself into a beautiful, majestic white bull to impress and attract the love of his life Europa.

LOCATION.- If you were ever in the mood to catch a glimpse of one of the stars the best place on earth would be in the Canadian region during winter time in the evening. The Taurus constellation is located east of the Aries constellation, west of the Gemini constellation, and north of the twins.

* The Taurus constellation shares stars with 13 other constellations. * The brightest star in the Taurus constellation is the Alpha Tauri. * The Taurus constellation is the oldest constellation known. * The Taurus has 15 different stories standing behind the history of its name. * People say that, if you are looking for shooting stars they are most commonly seen where the constellation of the Taurus lies.

Alpha Tauri
* Magnitude: 0, 9
* Distance: 65. Light years
* Color; orange
* Surface temperature 213,125,125,369.23589

Beta Tauri
* Magnitude 1,7
* Distance 82.905 light years
* Color; blue
* Surface temperature256,458,456,897.12356

Zeta Tauri
* Magnitude: 3,0
* Distance: 50.967 light years
* Color: white
* Surface temperature: 225,698,448.57785

Beta Tauri
* Magnitude: 3, 0
* Distance: 94.571 light years
* Color; red
* Surface temperature: 12,140,000,215.002
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