Biopsy Article

Topics: Liver disease, Liver biopsy, Medicine Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Alejandra González Linares


Biopsy Article
Outpatient Blind Percutaneous Liver Biopsy in Infants and Children: it safe? Mortada H. El Shabrawi, Hanna ; El- Karaksy
Departments of Pediatric and Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicin, Cairo Unnniversity, Ministry of Health and Population, Cairo, Egypt.


This article caught my attention because it talks about the blind percutaneous liver biopsy and in laboratory we experiment biopsy in a rat, and I thougth the technique was a little rough and could not be done in humans but with this article it shows me that it can be done in humans and in infants.

The article investigates the safety of using blind percutaneous liver biopsy in infants and children with chronic liver disease.


The article said that the blind percutaneous liver biopsy was performed in aoutpatient using the aspiration technique in 80 infants and children, the patients were divided into groups:

The 1st group was infants with less than a year.

The 2nd group was 1 to 6 years

The 3rd group was 6 to 14 years .

They monitored 1 hour before biopsy and 1,2,6 and 24 hours after biopsy to obtain accurate results.

In the results obtain non of the 3 groups present mortality or major morbidities, the major complication was irritability or pain and require analgesia, other complication was mild fever in 5% of the population. After 1 hour there was heart and respiratory high rates but non-significant. In the 2nd group there where heart rate and respiratory rates significantly dropped at 24 hrs. After 24 hours post biopsy hemoglobin and hematrocrit showed a little decrease, while the platelet and leucocyte counts showed non-significant decrease.


It was a really interesting article that can show us that blind percutaneous liver biopsy is safe and well tolerates in...
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