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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Destiny Thomas
October 19th 2012
Period: 3rd

Destiny Thomas October 19th 2012 Biology Period: 3rd Introduction

In our experiment we used only the red colored life savers. They all had about the same mass. We used 9 life savers. In our experiment we had to dissolve our life savers. The concept of dissolving is to place the life savers in water of hot, cold, and warm/ room temperature water. Many factors effect dissolving, such as how fast you stir the life saver in the water, if you stop stirring the life saver, the mass of the life saver, and the temperature of the water. The purpose of my activity is to try to figure out what which temperature of water dissolves a life saver faster. I’m using three different kinds of water timing which water temperature will make the life saver dissolve in the quickest amount of time.

My hypothesis is if the water temperature is hot then the life saver will dissolve quicker because the hot water has a greater chemical effect on the life saver than the other temperatures. I believe this is because the hot water is creating a chemical change and is changing the solid object into a liquid.


* 250 Ml beaker (3)
* Red life savers (9)
* Graduated cylinder (1)
* 120 Ml of water ( 40 mL per beaker)
* Heating plate (1)
* Ice cubes ( 15)
* Electric scale (1)

Controls/ Procedure
IV: Water temperature
DV: How quickly it dissolves
Control Group: Room temperature water
Experimental groups: Hot and Cold water
Constants: amount of water, flavor of life saver
Units of measurements: Ml, minutes, seconds

1. First we measured each...
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