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Topics: Tiger, Tree, Southeast Asia Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Mutualism of a Bengal Tiger- A very powerful antibiotic, Bacilli is a type of bacteria belonging to the Enterobacteriaceae family. Specifically, Pantoea agglomerans of the bacilli family are helpful by producing a broad spectrum antibiotic andrimid. This kills many harmful bacteria that a tiger may ingest from its prey by blocking a critical step in fatty acid biosynthesis. This helps protect the tiger from such dangers like E. coli and samonella poisoning. Parasitism-An example of parasitism is between Pearl fish and Sea Cucumber. The Pearl fish live in the Sea Cucumber's cloaca which they enter through the anus. The Pearl fish then breaks through the respiratory membrane and situates its home. Commensalism- Commensalism is a situation in which two organisms are associated in a relationship in which one benefits from the relationship and the other is not affected much. The two animals are called commensals. This is one type of symbiosis. An example is bromeliads (plants living on trees in rainforests) and frogs; the frogs get shelter and water from the bromeliad, but the bromeliad is unaffected. Predator/ Prey- Predators also use camouflage so they can sneak up on their preThe Bengal tiger is a carnivore. It eats boars, wild oxen, monkeys, and other animals. The Bengal tiger can catch big animals, but prefers killing either young or old animals because they don't run as fast. The Bengal tiger is a nocturnal and greatly feared predator. _______________________________________________________________________ Where are they located?

Bamboo- The Bambusa tulda can be found in the biome of the Southeast Asian rainforest. It often grows as an undergrowth scattered or in patches in the forest. It does very well in a moist environment with a lot of rainfall. Durian- The durian is thought to be one of Southeast Asia's most ancient and primitive trees. It grows in lowland rainforests, and is native to Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia. Jambu Fruit Dove-The Jambu fruit dove...
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