Biological Washing Powder

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Essay on enzymesBiological washing powderHee-Jun Park8B
We have used enzymes over many years to make many clothing and also foods or drinks, such as, drinks, bread, cheese, beer and wine. Even though, the first person that realized how to make these noticed nothing about enzymes. There are many types of enzymes existing to help our industrial life. And the difference of each enzyme is for us to do different things. The use of enzyme in industry has become very central in the modern domain. Enzymes support chemical reactions by decreasing the energy required for a reaction to take place, the motivation energy. The energy transforms the reactants to products, yet, is unaffected. The enzyme just makes the transition easier to take place. Enzymes are versatile and often far more efficient than other catalysts. They work well at low temperatures. So this reduces the expense on fuel and hence brings down the cost of production in the industries. As enzymes can be reprocessed, they are only needed in equal a small amount, which discounts the economic cost. From this we can see how amazing biological catalyst are used in producing new products. With their high efficiency and economic benefits, enzymes as extremely specific catalysts have many manufacturing submissions. Still, because enzymes are proteins and regularly do not survive at temperatures higher than 50-60 degrees Celsius it is safe to use them in food industry. My topic biological washing detergent is one of the products used to help us or make our life much easier. The product uses enzymes to be more efficient. Comparing the biological washing detergent to normal washing detergent, there is a huge difference what makes this product so special and efficient. The biological washing detergent cleans in the same as the non-biological washing detergent does. But the only difference is that the biological washing detergent uses enzyme to give additional effects when laundering clothes and also washing dishes....
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