Biological Importance of Water

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The Biological Importance Of Water

Water plays a huge role in our lives, the molecule which is comprised of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen bonded together has many complex properties. The molecule maintains a bent shape due to its tetrahedral arrangement and the negative lone pair of electrons on the oxygen. The electrons from both hydrogen and oxygen are joined covalently but the difference in electronegativity lets the electrons from hydrogen get pulled slightly toward the oxygen therefore making the hydrogen positive and the oxygen negative (a dipole molecule). Hence water being a polar molecule, the result of this lets water get attracted to other polar molecules and more importantly to other water molecules. Hydrogen bonds form in-between these polar molecules. The many unique properties water withholds will be discussed in this essay varying from its thermal properties to its solvent properties.

The polar molecule attracts other polar water molecules. The slightly negative oxygen is attracted to the slightly positive hydrogen. Weak hydrogen bonds connect them. Electrons are pulled closer to oxygen making oxygen negative and hydrogen positive and therefore polarised.

Solvent properties
Since water is polarized it attracts ions and other polarized molecules. Water can collect around the molecule separate it making the chemicals able to move freely around and react with other chemicals.

For example when NaCl enters water they dissociate into ions (Na+) and (Cl-), this occurs because both ions are more attracted to water dipoles. The water molecules surround the ions therefore making it hydrated, the molecules are bound providing a osmotic surface. This process takes place withen animals and plants. In order for a plant to abssorb minerals from the soil and for the blood(waterbased) to transport glucose, amino acids and minerals. Without this soloution living orgasisms wouldn’t be able to physical survie due to lack of...
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