Biological Criminal Behavior

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Biological Criminal Behavior
The studies of biological behaviors have shown that criminals with a passion for their crime tend to have a genetic or physiological issue that plays a major part in their criminal activities. Gary Ridgway and John Hinckley Jr. portrayed significant degrees of physiological issues that may have contributed to the crimes they committed. Lack of education, moral support, love, and self-accomplishments may have also provided behaviors out of the norm. Criminal activities in any setting lead to the perpetrator acquiring feelings of self-gratification. Though studies are continuously, biological factors play major roles in the physiological outcomes for criminals. There was a difference between Gary Ridgway and John Hinckley Jr. John grew up in a successful household where he had great love provided by his parents. His mom took care of him and all his older siblings obtained high education and his family lived as successful people. During his younger years, John excelled in school. He was top of his class, was a football player, and even president of several of his grades. Gary, on the other hand, was not. He was not very smart, which his IQ of 82 showed that. His mom was not the loving mom like John’s mom was and Gary’s father was abusive to his mother. Gary’s life was the complete opposite of what John’s life and family situation was. Gary started developing problems about the same time as John did. They both started possessing issues and separating themselves from other people at about the same age. Even though they both started at the same time, Gary was considerably worse than John was. When Gary was 16, he stabbed a six-year-old just to see what it was like. The time frame until John did his shooting the only thing he did was obsess about Jodie Foster. John never did anything physical except play Russian roulette. Gary had more problems and more reasons to have psychiatric issues. He had an abusive father, an unloving mother, was not very intelligent, was not a people person, and stayed away from everyone. The only thing he had to go on was watching his father beat his mother. Witnessing the abuse his father committed as a child, Gary presumed that this was a normal way of life. The Green River killer also known as Gary Ridgway led a poor life, unlike John Hinckley Jr. At the age of 20 and no hopes for a college degree, Ridgway decided to join the military serving the branch of the Navy. In 1969, Ridgeway joined after he married his first girlfriend (19) Claudia Barrow. Ridgway did not want the United States to recruit him to Vietnam so he enlisted. Vietnam brought about killings, drugs, and an insatiable drive for sex. Ridgway, although not a known user of drugs, did elicit the need for sex from prostitutes. Ridgway spent much of his time with prostitutes for self-gratification. The majority of Ridgway’s sexual desire started in the military and he contracted gonorrhea. Although Ridgway was angry about contracting the disease, he did not stop sleeping with prostitutes and continued to have unprotected sex, thus contracting gonorrhea a second time. His marriage to Claudia Barrows ended within a year of Ridgway experiencing the military. In 1973 he remarried Marcia Winslow and had a son. During this marriage Ridgway turned to the Bible and insisted his wife acquiring the word as well. He also insisted on having sex in inappropriate places, such as outdoors several times a day, although still paying prostitutes for sex without his wife knowing (Montaldo, n.d.). When Winslow lost weight it angered Ridgway because she was drawing attention that she never received before from men. This marriage also failed because of Ridgway’s mother interfering with the household finances, the simple tasks of taking care of a family, home, and marriage. Marriage number three was to Judith Mawson in 1985. Mawson took the place of Ridgway’s aging mother and praised her mother-in-law. In 1982 the first 16-year-old...
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