John Wayne Gacy

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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John Wayne Gacy Jr.
Shawnee Perchinski
McCann School of Business and Technology

This paper is about a serial killer by the name of John Wayne Gacy Jr. John was a serial killer who dressed up as a clown and went to local functions to entertain children. When he got to know these children, he would invite them to his home, take advantage of them, and then kill some of them. He buried the bodies under the foundation of his home. His victims were nothing more than young boys. This paper will tell you about all his sick ideas, methods, and the punishments in which he received due to his inability to be a functional person in society.

John Wayne Gacy Jr. was a man of rare form. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois, raised by his mother and father. John and his mother were very close. However, his dad was not a good person. His dad would frequently drink and would beat him. His mother knew that this kind of activity went on but she never did anything because she herself was afraid of her husband and what he was capable of during his rages under the influence of alcohol.

John Wayne Gacy Jr. was a brilliant man by the score of his IQ test but you wouldn’t believe it when you hear about his school career. John never finished high school. He went to 4 different high schools his senior year, but he never finished and decided to drop out and move to Las Vegas to be a janitor at a funeral home. After only a short time in Las Vegas, John returned home to Chicago where he attended business school, and eventually graduated. He then married his first wife and managed a KFC restaurant in Waterloo, Iowa.

In May 1968, John was arrested for sexual misconduct with a young male employee of his KFC facility. He plead guilty to his charge of sodomy and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Since John had a good record and was a model prisoner, he only served a total of 18 months and then was put on parole.

He then moved to Chicago and started his life all over again....
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