Bio-Medical Engineering

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To study biomedical engineering has been my dream. Einstein distinguished science from engineering when he explained, "Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been.". I wish to pursue a career in biomedical engineering as it is a great way of being involved in both fields of engineering and medicine. My desire to study biomedical engineering had been driven by the desire to treat diseases through the help of modern technology. I was always been fascinated by the idea that a deficient organ could be replace by human-made object.

My first hands-on experience concerning engineering was 5 years ago in the local Olympiad where I was part of team who created and programmed a robot to perform a series of acts. Even after we earned the fourth place we kept on trying to improve our model with new parts and capabilities

I see studying biomedical engineering in The Grove School of Engineering as ideal due to the standards maintained in City College of New York. The Grove School of Engineering offers one of the best programs in biomedical engineering. The research is especially groundbreaking in many fields such as neuro-rehabilitation and connective tissue repair. I am committed to concentrate all my efforts to achieve my goal, into becoming a biomedical engineer. As an individual I feel that I am well prepared to study abroad and successfully complete the course of biomedical engineering. I have faith in myself and feel that I am ready to tackle any academic challenges. THANKS IN ADVANCE
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