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Alcohol Use

What is alcohol use disorder?
It is a disorder associated with intake of more than enough amount of alcohol resulting in the destruction of internal organs plus it can also harm a person physically and mentally. What it is cause?

The main causes of this disorder are:
* Drinking alcoholic beverages.
* Having alcoholic substances.
What organ it effects?
It affects several organs. For example:
* Brain: Drinking a large amount of alcohol causes damage to the brain. It can lead to the hepatic encephalopathy that is known as a fatal brain disorder.

* Liver: Basically, in taking of alcohol means in taking of toxins. Liver tries to get rid of these toxins by breaking them but the liver turns out fatty. Alcohol results in an increase in the fibrous tissue that prevents the blood to reach the cells in the liver. All this result the liver to die because it doesn’t get appropriate amount of blood to survive.

* Kidneys: Alcohol can damage the kidneys too.

* Stomach: Alcohol use causes irritation in the stomach by increasing the amount of the HCl that result in damaging the lining of the stomach.

* Heart: Drinking alcohol every day weakens the muscles of the heart and further on resulting in the condition named as alcoholic cardiomyopathy.

What are the symptoms?
* Craving
* Being violent during drinking
* Avoiding health related activities
* Poor Eating
* memory loss
* Loss of control
* Blackouts
* Physical dependence
* Tolerance
How is it diagnosed?
* It can be diagnosed using screening tools.

* Medications
* Behavior Therapies
* Cognitive Therapy Techniques
* Drug testing
* multidimensional family therapy (MDFT)
* group therapy
* multifamily educational intervention (MFE)
* Longer-term residential treatment known as rehab
How does it affect homeostasis?
* Alcohol results in blocking the receptors that are meant to...
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