Billy Bonzai

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Written Analysis of Cases # 2


Joaquin, Benedict Ignacio

Section B2

It’s very tempting to just leave this Billy issue alone. Anyway, Collections has been surviving more than seven years of Billy. We’re still ok. It’s just that these annoying customer complaints I’ve been getting is not sitting well with me. It’s a constant distraction that interrupts the formulation of my other objectives within this company. Collections is just one of five departments I handle, and I don’t know why Bambang isn’t the one getting these calls, since it’s his responsibility and his Billy that’s the apparent source of this torment.

Come to think of it, is Billy the real source of the problem? There is an issue with Billy, that’s for sure, but I don’t think Billy himself is the culprit for the constant nagging calls. Could it be Bambang? I don’t want to jump the gun and put a finger on somebody. I don’t need a scapegoat, I need a solution.

It appears that this problem with customer complaints predates Bambang, and possibly Billy. Customers seem to only rush payment when they’re disconnected may be a sign that they are not well informed of company policy cutting lines at the 20th. I think this may be too stringent a policy. I want to alert the customer of the impending disconnection without actually having the line disconnected. I want customers to feel the need to pay, with as much gusto as the need to pay if they were disconnected.

As Head of Finance, the solution I’m thinking about is highly related to my department. First, though, I need to convince the board to lengthen the time it takes to incur a disconnection – change company policy. Maybe 3 months is enough. Second, I want to pinch the customers enough to remind them that delinquency in payment is not acceptable, even if disconnection is not yet looming in the horizon. I’ll take a pinch off their finances...
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