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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Shloka Parvatrao
Period 2
U.S. History Honors
4 May 2012

Favorite Character: Glory

In the movie Glory there were many inspirational characters that went against the normal behavior of the time, and acted out of honor, justice, and equality. Even when the North was against slavery and the South was for it, there were many people in the North who treated blacks as inferior to whites. They were not advocates of slavery, but they still believed that blacks could be considered as less, and did in fact treat them this way. In Glory the black soldiers were not given the same rights and privileges as white soldiers, and it was quite evident. The black soldiers were giving up the same things and risking their lives just like the white soldiers, so they should have been given the same rights. My favorite character in the movie was Major Cabot Forbes. He may not seem like an important character, but he was the essence of balance between the white leaders and the black soldiers. He never once believed that the whites were in any way superior to the blacks, and he treated the black soldiers with compassion and as friends, rather than subordinates. He worked alongside the black soldiers and offered his assistance and experience. Major Forbes was my favorite character in this movie. Major Forbes showed some truly admirable qualities from the beginning that other characters lacked. First of all, he proved to be indifferent about race, and it showed in his cooperation and willingness to help the black soldiers learn the skills and tactics they would need in battle. Unlike some of the others, he did not penalize a man more harshly if he was black, rather he judged them based on skill and wit. In addition, he did not hesitate to admonish Col. Shaw, when he did something unjustified. He was not afraid to share his opinion about what he thought Shaw was doing wrong, and while it seemed wrong of him to do so, it had a positive outcome. Had he not confronted Shaw...
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