Bill Clinton's Influence on Tony Blair

Topics: Tony Blair, Labour Party, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Pages: 6 (2271 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Bill Clinton’s Influence on Tony Blair

The cooperation of America and Britain has had thousands of years’ antiquity that started with America as the colony of Britain. Historical studies prove that the relationship between the United States and United Kingdom stem from their coalition in the Second World War. Britain’s premiership and the United States’ presidency have often ruled hand in hand. Throughout the years presidents and prime ministers have borrowed ideas from other politicians. The United States and the United Kingdom have collaborated for decade’s international affairs. This coalition was clearly visible in different issues like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Blair, in regards to Iraq was “Like his American counterpart, Bill Clinton, Blair favored innovative solutions over rigorous ideology, and he counted among his successes a revived economy, a reasonably sturdy peace in Northern Ireland, and a successful military campaign against Slobodan Milosevic in Kosovo.”1 The words of Clinton are explanatory when he wrote about Blair, “Tony listened to my advice graciously but ignored it completely by immediately accepting a new job as Middle East envoy for the Quartet.”2 Sometimes these ideas are based on party lines that are more Republican or more Democratic. Sometimes ideas are used to mesh together right-wing and left-wing thinking. In most cases these political leaders are using history to their advantage. They will analyze policies that have been successful in order to propel their term. The hope is to be reelected and served a second term, and to correct on hand problems that lie in the way of society from flourishing. In this paper I will be looking at domestic policies being implemented in foreign governments by investigating the adoption of Bill Clinton’s ideas and policies by Tony Blair for use in the U.K.

Some of the political thinkers are of the view that during their rule the socialist concepts were totally ignored and the concepts of “community” entered. During their rule collectivism was replaced by solidarity. It has often been viewed that “at its best, Blairism, like Clintonism, was always a brilliant balancing act.”3 For the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign was an important turning point. Bill Clinton had served as the Chairman of Democratic Leadership Council. Clinton redefined the meaning of paying taxes. He made the rich pay taxes for their property and reduced middle class taxes. Bill Clinton utilized the dire economic situation and general pessimism that prevailed at that time. His campaign literature, “America is in trouble. Our people are hurting. The rich keep getting richer and the politicians just seem to be taking care of themselves.”4 Bill Clinton supported improved education and wanted to enhance worker training to provide better knowledge in order to compete for a better paying job. He wanted to reform the health care. He focused on the poor and uneducated giving priority to the people’s problems rather than his own problems. Bill Clinton centered his campaign around the Rebuild America Fund to be used for development projects around the country focusing on better transportation, environmental protection, education, and health. In 1992 Bill Clinton ran on the Democratic ticket and quickly became the media’s favorite. Clinton chose Al Gore to run as Vice President. Al Gore was an American environmental activist and U.S. Senator from Tennessee. Following the Presidential debates Clinton gained the voting polls against the incumbent President Bush and third party candidate Ross Perot. Blair was impressed by how Clinton was able to gain votes by tackling domestic problems like the economic recession the U.S. was facing in the early 1990s and the Gulf War. Blair was a front row spectator as Clinton used television to boost his political perspective on many domestic issues. Clinton introduced an economic plan to compete in the world economy. He introduced...
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