Big Sky Brew Case Study

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  • Published : April 14, 2009
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Big Sky Brewing Company was established in 1993 in Missoula, Montana. Neal Leathers, Bjorn Nabozney, and Brad Robinson were the founders. According to the Big Sky Brew website, Brad and Neal had been home brewers in Michigan since the mid 1980’s. They both moved to Missoula, Montana where they fell in love with the Bayern Brewing Company and were very impressed with their lagers. They met Bjorn at the sporting goods store that they temporarily worked at. Bjorn had found out that they were home brewers and wanted to try some. He thought it was so good that he gave them the idea to start up a small town brewing company just like Bayern, since he had his bachelor’s in finance he would take care of the business aspect of the business. From there the business was established and flourished along with some minor complications. Big Sky Brewing Company’s minor complications dealt with all the business aspects that are needed to help a company run well. Throughout this paper we plan to take a deeper look at the accounting, marketing, distribution, and operations management. While looking over those for important aspects of any business we will provide their strengths and weaknesses, and also solutions to those weaknesses. First of all, the accounting aspect of Big Sky Brewing Company could use some help. According to the Big Sky Brewery case study, one of the major problems in the accounting department is lack of information. All of the balance sheets, income statements, and cash-flow statements are very general. They don’t go into specifics as to what their liabilities are or what they assets are. If they were to get audited with this lack of information, they would face fines. For example, they just give a value of total depreciated assets. If the auditor wanted to look at how much each asset depreciated to make sure that they were giving a legitimatequantity. Big Sky Brewery would have to come up with those documents to avoid the heavy fines or problems that they...
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