South Delaware Coors

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South Delaware Coors, Inc

The purpose of this case is to analyze Larry Brownlow’s decision to invest and operate a Coors Distributor in south Delaware. Coors Beer is located in Golden, Colorado and has many distributors that are monitored closely throughout the country. Coors is known for its dedication to quality by suppliers, wholesalers, and its customers. Not only does Coors monitor wholesalers and distributors, the company also requires that the wholesaler and distributor us recycling equipment. Mr. Brownlow had $15,000 to research the decision and decide if he should own the South Delaware Distribution Center. $800,000 is needed for initial investment of the distributor. Since Coors will enter this area for the first time, it is believed that market share will continue to grow as the brand becomes established over time.


Larry Brownlow decides to use a general research firm, Mansion and Associates. Mr. Brownlow submits a request for proposal to John Rome, a senior research analyst. Mr. Rome provided Larry different research studies to choose from in order to make his decision whether to buy the distributor or steer away from the opportunity. John Rome sent a proposal to Larry that had many different studies and stages. Being limited to spending $15,000 on research, Larry cannot simply buy all the studies that Manson and Associates provided. The studies will deal with secondary data and primary data and seek to provide Mr. Brownlow with the best analysis of whether to invest or not. Not only does Larry have to think about what studies to purchase, he must also realize that the total investment is $800,000, which is a lot of money and needs a lot of analysis in order to be sure if this is the correct decision. Larry also only has a few days to decide what studies to use, so he must consider all of the studies and make a decision rather quickly.


Manson and Associates sent a proposal to Larry Brownlow of the...
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