Big Red: A Summary

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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This book is about a boy named Danny Pickett and a dog named Red. Though not based on a true story and is completely fictional, including the area it took place (wintapi wilderness), it feels as if it was real. I highly suggest this book to dog lovers, for it is based mainly on dogs. The first time Danny met Red was when he told Mr. Haggin about a bull of his that was recently killed by Old Majesty, who was a legend around Wintapi.
Danny Pickett lives with his father, Ross, on Mr. Haggin's land in the wintapi. Red, Mr. Haggin dog, (an irish setter) was very fond of Danny from the moment they met and they really hit it off together. Red would follow Danny around every where. After Mr. Haggin's let them live on his land, Red followed Danny and Ross to their house, this was the next morning when Ross woke up Danny with a scream telling Danny to take Red back to Mr. Haggin as soon as possible. On the way there, Red smelt or heard something in the woods and ran after it. Danny chased after red, having no idea red was chasing after a legend in the wintapi wilderness... a large monsterous bear named, Old Majesty. Danny became more frantic after realizing who Red was chasing, running as fast as he can trying to make sure Red is unharmed. Danny then returned Red to Mr. Haggin, he then took Danny to the side and told him he needs some one to take care of Red, and Danny is the best choice, for Danny and Red got together like they were old friends. The only bad thing is that Mr. Haggin used Red in dog shows and not to hunt animals, (at this point in the summary it is important to tell you that Danny and Ross are trappers, they hunt animals and sell...
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