Biddy vs Estella

Topics: Love, Protagonist, Antagonist Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Biddy vs. Estella
The main character of this novel is very obviously Pip. He is both the narrator and protagonist of the novel. When delving into the characteristics of Pip, it is easy to see that for every action Pip does, he is thinking of how someone else will view it, whether that someone be Estella, Miss Havisham, Biddy, Joe or any other character in this novel. It is easy to say that Pip’s main goals in life were most affected and determined by Estella’s relationship with Pip and also Biddy’s relationship with Pip. His relationship with Estella greatly determined his personality and his relationship with Biddy was an antagonist to Pip’s desire to be a gentlemen. Each relationship greatly affected Pip but each relationship is significantly different. Estella’s and Pip’s relationship can be best described as “unwanted love.” All Pip wanted out of his life was for Estella to love him and respect him and to not look down on him. Before he met Estella he had no concept of a class system. He was content in his lifestyle and had no wants for a rich and more respected lifestyle. Estella is essentially the one who turns Pip’s world upside down. She makes Pip become a completely different person. It’s possible to say that Estella herself had no idea of the affect she had on Pip’s life and the lives of those who loved him. After meeting Estella, Pip becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming a gentleman. All he wants out of life is to become rich so that Estella will no longer find him lowly and he would marry her and provide for her. Little does Pip know that this is an impossible task. Estella has been raised to break the hearts of men and to never love. She breaks Pip’s Heart and plays with his emotions like a cat playing with a mouse. Throughout the novel, Estella’s behaviour sets the tone for Pip’s actions and emotions. When she remarks on his boots and rough hands, it greatly affects Pip and he suddenly becomes embarrassed from himself. He is disturbed when...
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