Bhutan Clean and Green

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Paper Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: May 29, 2011
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Green and Clean Bhutan - A possibility
'Keep Thimphu clean and green'- This is a message that many Thimphu residents read again and again. But, are we anywhere close to it?

Thimphu is definitely not clean. Litters everywhere. Overflowing drains. 40 tonnes of waste a day is a lot - 85% of the waste being recyclable. Overflowing Memelakha. And no proper waste management system in place. A few ideas flung here and there - whether to employ a private firm to manage the wastes dig another landfill or buy an incinerator (which I don't really agree with). Make a decision and at least do something.

Thimphu is not green either. May be a few roofs (I still remember the TCC's absurd regulation to paint the roofs green). Too few green spaces for people to enjoy. Neither a single energy efficient building (the BTF building in Taba may qualify as one) nor any efforts in this direction. The intra-city transportation system is still unattractive to many people. Too many gas-guzzlers. Proposal for electric trains and trams - I think we need more immediate, effective and simpler solutions.

If Thimphu is any indicator, a green and clean Bhutan is definitely a distant, difficult dream. But we can achieve the dream if we tackle the problems head on. It is time for more action and less rhetoric. There are...
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