Bhopal Gas Tragedy

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Carbide official commenting on the safety systems in the Bhopal pesticide plant. “It's not a deadly gas, just irritating, a sort of tear gas.” - Dr Loya, Union Carbide's official doctor in Bhopal, commenting on Methyl Isocyanate, after the tragedy.

6 december 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A case study (Part-I)


2-3rd December 1984, was black night for the people of Bhopal City, who lived around the Union Carbide India Ltd. (UCIL). If they try to forget that black night, they can not do it.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy, involving a massive release of 40 tonnes heavier-than-air toxic methylisocyanate (MIC) gas, resulted in the death or injury of many thousands of people in the surrounding residential areas. The Union Carbide India Ltd. (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, which used to manufacture the pesticide Servin (carbaryl) gained world-wide recognition as a result of this tragic chemical disaster on the night of 2-3rd December 1984.

Half a million people were exposed to the gas and 20,000 have died to date as a result of their exposure. More than 120,000 people still suffer from ailments caused by the accident and the subsequent pollution at the plant site. These ailments include blindness, extreme difficulty in breathing, and gynecological disorders.

Moreover, the Bhopal Disaster is claimed as the worst industrial disaster in history.

01. Cause of Bhopal Gas leak

A large volume of water had apparently been introduced into the methylisocyanate (MIC) tank, causing a chemical reaction forcing the pressure release valve to open and allowing the gas to leak.

02. Who owned the Bhopal plant at the time of the incident and who owns it now?

The Bhopal plant was owned and operated by Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), an Indian company that was owned by Union Carbide Corporation. In 1994, Union Carbide sold its entire interest in UCIL to MacLeod Russell (India) Limited, which renamed the company Eveready Industries India, Limited...
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