Bhe 314 - Pollution Module 3 Case Assignment

Topics: Sewage treatment, Wastewater, Water Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: December 24, 2012
BHE 314 - Pollution Module 3 Case Assignment





Water treatment is the removal of harmful pollutants in the water so that it can be used domestically and agriculturally. It is conducted through the use of chemical, biological and physical processes. Wastewater treatment enables the recycling of water so that it can be used for various uses. Secondary water treatment method involves the removal of fine and dissolved wastes that are organic by the use of a biological process of treating water. The common approaches to biological water treatment process are the activated sludge and trickling filter. Activated sludge through the aeration of the mixture of microorganisms, which are also referred to as biological sludge, and wastewater. The microorganisms are subjected under an environment that facilitates their growth (Neary, 2009).The wastewater is continuously run into the aeration tank so that the provision of oxygen is enabled. Through the provision of oxygen, the microorganisms are in a position to break down the pollutants that are organic. In the end, the activated sludge remains in the bottom. The sludge that is in excess is removed and put into disposal. The other approach is the trickling filters that uses a bed of stones, or the plastic material that is perforated. Oxygen is picked up by the waste water and gets sprayed through the filter so that it can pass through the micro organisms .The organic materials present in the waste water are fed on by the micro-organisms due to the high amounts of oxygen. These methods bring together aerobic micro –organisms, oxygen and organic matter. Biological oxidation takes place in the water treatment system, other...
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