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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Valuable Experience Gained During the Training Period
The valuable experience that I gained during the training is when we are in the furnace of the boiler where the combustion takes place. The furnace is a internal parts of the boiler so we are taking the advantage to see what’s inside the boiler. We saw the generating tubes, bunker fuel injector, grates that we need to fix because of mis-alignment of the grates base. Grate is use for de ashing to avoid clogging up of the boiler. The second valuable experience that I gained during the training is when we starting up the boiler using the firewood. It is very simple principle in terms of how to start up the boiler. I enjoy setting up the woods inside the furnace and the throw a baggase mix with the gasoline to burn it easy then when it has in the desired heat the feeders will feed bagasse for good combustion and then lining the boilers to supply the factory. The third valuable experience that I gained during the training is when in the water filtration tell us how the river water become clean the process are : Raw water 1st enters the “reactivator tank” . The reactivator work as “solid contract “clarifier. Prior to entering the reactivator , aluminum sulfate is injected to the raw feed water a dosage defined by prior jar test. The feed water then enters the unit at the bottom of the circular center tube at the point of entering the circular tube, a high molecular weight flocculants (floclar 300 ) is addition may injected at a pre determined dosage . In some case whereas the feed water is not so turbid flocular 300 is no longerness added. An automated bottom blow down valves remove the sludge from the bottom reactivator at a present time cycle the flow of water entering the reactivator is going up and overflows to the gravity san filter.

Clear water from the reactivator then goes thru “gravity sand” filter to undergo filtration process to further reduce its turbidity each filter is cross sectionallu...
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