Beyond the Black Board

Topics: Education, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: November 25, 2012
“Beyond the Blackboard”
The part of the movie that struck me the most was when Stacy Bess break down moments. The moments when she cried because she felt quitting in teaching in the shelter and when she loosed her temper that made her raise her voice on Danny. Experience

I can relate to this experience because in times of wrong things come in your way you get the idea of giving up. You become more fragile, confused and loses energy when the least things you expected hits you with the face of reality. When we don’t want to fail the people who believed in us and when we get our strength back we sometimes lose the reason for doing things. I failed my parents with giving them an F mark in my finals. They are my source of strength to do well in school because this is for them but I was a disappointment to them. I felt really down and lost. As I try to get back on track of my studies I told myself to deal with and learn from it. Reflection

I could see is that Stacy was eager not to fail and quit on her students and the people around her. She made great efforts of changing those events with a wide range of great works and effort for her students to learn. Action

If I will encounter this kind of situation, I would reflect well by going back to the reason I’m doing this and that is because I want to teach. In Stacy’s case, she loves teaching. Be inspired all over again by doing more than you did before and change everything for the best and the benefit of the many. Evaluation

I think my actions may lead me to be a more persistent and striving person. I will not easily give up nor break. And from those mistakes I made in the past, I should look up to them as teaching life has given to me to be a better individual and teacher.
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