Betty Miller

Topics: Hearing impairment, Sign language, Deaf culture Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: October 26, 2010
March 18, 2010

American Sign Language

Professor Wolff
Betty Miller is a national icon in regards to deaf advancements in the field of art. She was born to deaf parents, which allowed her to become quickly familiar with American Sign Language. Although she was born hard of hearing this fact was undiscovered until she began school due to her ability to speak English. Once it became known that Betty was deaf her parents made strides to make her life easier than theirs was, by sending her to Bell School in Chicago, which is an oral school to further develop her speaking abilities.

Betty Miller’s childhood was not that of an ordinary deaf child, her parents entered her into regular schools with hearing able students early on in her childhood. This allowed her to develop social and other skills that a deaf person would normally not acquire (Creighton 1). In 1953 Betty entered Gallaudet College as a freshman, this was a huge impact on her life. As a child she was taught to lipread and talk, signing was almost unacceptable because it was viewed as a handicap. When she went to Gallaudet College she began to embrace sign language and view it as a tool, which enabled her to better communicate in the deaf community (Creighton 1). Betty excelled in school and obtained a doctorate in education from Penn State University, which allowed her to obtain success in any career that she undertook. Some of those careers include both a visual artist and a counselor for deaf and hard of hearing people dealing with alcohol and substance abuse (Unknown 1). Throughout these careers Betty has accomplished many great achievements.

Betty began expressing herself through art early on in childhood at the Bell School (Creighton 1). She was known for her ability to express her deaf experience in a visual representation, this was put on display in 1972 at Gallaudet College (Shertz 1). This was the first time her art was recognized on a national level. She went on to hold several more...
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