Better Education

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Better education
Throughout the years there have been many arguments on how to educate and in whether changing the mode of education, and what is the best strategic concept to be used in mainly public schools. In the article “The Banking concept of Education”, Paulo Freire is leading an influential figure to guide students into helping them develop their critical thinking and consciousness of freedom. He noticed and studied a dichotomy between the teacher and the student, and realized that there is a “banking concept” being presented in the modern education(Freire 319). He refers to this “banking concept of education” to be a fractional action of communication from the teacher to the student. However, in liberating education, which is called “problem-posing” in Freire’s article, perfectly results in the liberation of the students, students and teachers carry on a dialogue to teach one another. The world is seen as always in the process of becoming, students are seen as parts of that. Therefore, students are active, becoming empowered to criticize the world and so change it. For my English 122 class, I was totally attractive and paid full of attention in the class discussion. Whenever we were assigned into a group and begin to discuss various topics, I was actively participated into the discussion, I would hostly say that each one of us always learn something new from others. Even some question required critical thinking, I welcome to open mind discuss it and totally love this class, thus I am taking with the same instructor for my English 126 class this semester. Problem-posing education allows the students to be creative in their learning and really expand their learning techniques because it depends on communication, where students are encouraged to ask question, recognized the relationship between people and the world, and lead to transformation. More in other way this style of education allows people to develop their human natures fully. At the...
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