Best Skin Care Products for Women in Their 50’s

Topics: Marketing, Marketing mix, Face Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Page 15, Allure Vanguard October 7th Edition, compiled by Davina Ayodele allure/1 TITLE: Best skin care products for women in their 50’s

The purpose of this report is to identify how the writer uses the marketing mix and the 4p’s to attract their specific target market. Whether you are young or old, skin care is an important part of caring for your body. It’s no wonder that skin care companies spend much time coming up with formulations designed to reach diverse markets. There are specific products for various age groups, skin types, life styles and budgets. To effectively market a skin care line, marketers must cover some key areas. Our primarily focus on this analysis would be on skin care products for women in their 50’s.

The writer of the article has been able to identify and understand the market needs of women in their 50’s, thus providing products that offer anti-aging treatment. Knowing your market is necessary as you market your skin care products, thoroughly research those customer’s to help you identify the type of ingredients you need to include in your products to help improve aged skin. With knowledge of the market, you can discover where your target customers are, their budgets, ingredients that are important to them and where they get their information’s about anti – aging products.

Taking a deeper look at the article using the different concepts of marketing, the writer has been able to understand and identify customer issues; “our skin loses elasticity and the constant pull of gravity weight against us, and this affects the decline in estrogen levels”. The writer further went on to explain that “we could opt for a face lift with a nip and tuck or maybe a BOTOX injection; these treatments are costly and needs maintenance several times a year”. Satisfying a customer’s need should be relatively affordable and reachable to the masses. In other to balance the benefits of the best skin...
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