Best Places to Work

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Name: Celia Alejandra Montemayor GloriaTeacher: Fernando Treviño ID: 1388320 Group: 8Zi“Busines VIII”

A great place to work is the way in which you do your job in a comfortable way, in which they offer you a good place in where you can develop your skills and implement new ideas in order to make companies grow and the most important the company care about its workers. It is true that people who are comfortable in its workplace they make their job better and will be more loyal to the company. There is a program in which companies want to be in, that its name is “Great Places to Work” that establish that a company is more profitable if its workers are agree with all the work they have and with the work area. Great Place to Work Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organizations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures. We serve businesses, non-profits and government agencies in 45 countries on all six continents. It´s clients are those companies and organizations that wish to maintain Best Company environments, those that are ready to dramatically improve the culture within their workplaces, and those in between the two. We know that organizations that build trust and create a rewarding cycle of personal contribution and appreciation create workplace cultures that deliver outstanding business performance. The Companies that are in this program they have done several tests in which they ask their employees about their needs. For me companies that are great places to work I can say :

* Google
* Whirpool
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