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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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Lesson Plan
Course Title: Cosmetology I
Session Title: Bacteriology
Performance Objective:
Upon completion of this assignment, the student will be able to identify the structure and function of bacteria to the satisfaction of the instructor.
Specific Objectives:
Define terms associated with the lesson.
Identify types of bacteria.
Explain the classifications of bacteria.
Describe bacterial growth and reproduction.
Explain the phases of bacteria.
TEKS Correlations:
125.112 (b)
…develop knowledge of the concepts and skills related to the [cosmetology]… Interdisciplinary Correlations:
Science – Biology:
112.43 (c)(2)(B)
…collect data and make measurements with precision…
112.43 (c)(2)(C)
…organize, analyze, evaluate, make inferences, and predict trends from data… 112.43 (c)(2)(D)
…communicate valid conclusions.
1. Milady’s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology
2. Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals
Cosmetology I: Bacteriology
©2003 Texas Trade and Industrial Education

Instructional Aids:

Bacteriology PowerPoint Presentation.
Bacteriology PowerPoint Presentation – Handouts.
Bacteriology PowerPoint Presentation – Notes Pages.
Bacteriology Exam.
Bacteriology Exam Key.
Milady’s Standard Theory Workbook pages T6-T10 (copies for all students)

Materials Needed:
1. Transparencies (Refer to Milady’s LP3/T1)
2. The following items: bread mold, souring milk, or damp towels Equipment Needed:
1. Overhead Projector
2. Microscopes
1. Read Chapter 5 in Milady’s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology 2. Complete review questions at the end of the chapter
Introduction (LSI Quadrant I):
SAY: In order to understand the importance of sanitation, disinfections, and sterilization you must have a basic understanding of bacteriology. Your knowledge of bacteriology will help you to comprehend the relationship between bacteria and disease. ACTIVITY: Have students to...
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