Beowulf Essay

Topics: Beowulf, Hero, Courage Pages: 3 (1293 words) Published: April 24, 2013

In every culture, there are elements that define the way its society walks, talks, and acts. In Anglo-Saxon culture, there are four main beliefs. These beliefs are expressed in every day life as well as through poetry. Beowulf is an epic poem that was sung in a hall, it brings us back to the 4th century and is exemplary of the past. Beowulf brings a greater overall understanding of Anglo-Saxon culture. The Anglo-Saxons found these values very important, if a soldier embodied all of these values and attained fame, which was all he ever needed. However, in order to attain fame, one needed to abide by the ways of the culture. Among these specific values are heroism, bravery, and loyalty.

An important value in Anglo-Saxon culture is heroism, Beowulf shows his heroism in many of his gallant and courageous feats. In every good romance or princess movie, there is a damsel in distress and the hero that saves her from “sheer death”. In Beowulf everyone is the damsel and Beowulf himself is the hero. The stereotypical hero saves the woman of his dreams, but honestly that’s overrated when one can save the world. One of Beowulf’s mighty feats is killing the evil monster, Grendel, but he has to get to the Danes land before that is even remotely possible: “So Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find, The Bravest and Best of the Geats, fourteen In All, and led them down to their boat” (ll. 119-122). Beowulf is going to travel to the land of the Danes to stop this treacherous monster, abominated by King Hrothgar, and put an end to the twelve years of weeping heard around the world. Once he reaches the sought after destination, he proceeds to speak with king Hrothgar and in doing so is challenged by his spoil, Unferth. When confronted, he proves his capabilities and shows that he has the characteristics of a true hero: “ I remained near him for five long nights, Until a flood swept us apart” (ll. 277-278). Beowulf stays near his friend, Brecca, because he...
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