Beowulf Essay

Topics: Anglo-Saxons, Germanic peoples Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Beowulf essay
Beowulf had many characteristics as an Anglo-Saxon, and was one of the most known character in the Anglo-Saxon history. The Anglo-Saxons were known for there distinct attitudes and being boastful. Beowulf was mostly famous for being a great hero, being loyal, and is very boastful.

Beowulf is heroic because he fought off Grendal and rescued the Danes from the horrific monster. He also fought off Grendal’s mother and defeated a dragon to save him and his people. He shares stories and adventures that he has been on and who he has defeated. Beowulf also has superhuman abilities to fight off his enemies and win every time.

Aside from being a perfect soldier, Beowulf, then, shows to be a magnificent leader by displaying loyalty, protecting his people, and leading the Danes to fight Grendal. Beowulf defeating the dragon shows selflessness because he was protecting his people from that dragon.

Like every other Anglo-Saxon, Beowulf was extremely boastful and cocky. He brags about himself and doesn’t shut up when he’s telling stories about how he won in a race with Unferth. He likes to hear his name being heard from other people. He always compares himself to weaker people to build his self-esteem.

Beowulf is a powerful hero, loyal, but very boastful. He is famous for these characteristics and these characteristics are important to have as an Anglo-Saxon. He fights hard, he is famous, and a defender of evil. He protects his people and helped protect the Danes from harm’s way. He became king of the Geats then died shortly after he slayed the dragon.
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