Benefits of Working Alone

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English 10H
Benefits of Working Alone
Most people say “Two is better than one” but is it really? Is two people working together better than one single person working alone? Working in a group has been a big thing but now a days more people are finding it way easier to do everything by themselves. The potential benefits of working by yourself include the fact that you have no pressure of other people in your way, you can use your own ideas and make your own decisions, and most of all you have a chance to find yourself. The first benefit of working alone is that other people are not in your way. You don’t have the burden of your group members in your space. So working alone is good because you can ease through everything without going through someone else. Everything is right there and there is absolutely no hassle of someone telling you, you have to wait to get what you want. Nothing that you do will be crowded and if you need to reach to get a paper you don’t have worry someone else is reading it or in the way of reaching that piece of paper. All in all you basically have space and freedoms to do anything you want, and who wouldn’t want that. The next potential benefit of this topic is that you can use your own ideas and make your own decisions. This benefit is very important because everyone wants to be able to have a sense of freedom with the things that are achieved. Everything that is done is from your own thoughts and feelings and no one else has any input unlike with a group. You get to decide what happens with your project alone and don’t have to worry about a group member not understanding or wanting to do something else. The third but absolute main reason is it gives you a chance to find yourself. Working as a single person on any project gives you time to find out what you like and what you don’t like. It gives you room to roam for things that will get you far in life. When you are in a group you have to worry about the other members and make sure...
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