Benefits of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Benefits of Physician Assisted Suicide
In the United States and countries all over the world, the topic of assisted suicide or euthanasia has become highly controversial because it is hard for people determine if it is moral or not. This became more known and debated about in the public eye in the early ninety’s by the actions of Doctor Jack Kevorkian. He assisted in the deaths of over 130 terminally ill patients all while being in the public spotlight. Assisted suicide is defined as the process by which an individual, who may otherwise be incapable, is provided with the means (drugs or equipment) to commit suicide. In some cases, the terms “aid in dying” or “death in dignity” are preferred. Many patients that are terminally ill have to suffer serious and unbearable pain day in and day out and can do nothing but try and tame the pain until their time is up. Everybody who lives wants to live their life with dignity, and in turn die with dignity. This is being prevented by prolonging the pain and suffering of the patient’s life. It should be the decision of the person whose life it is to determine whether or not they are still actually living with dignity and choose if they want to continue to suffer, affecting not only them but they’re families as well. There are only three states in the U.S. in which assisted suicide is legal, and they have a very rigid guideline to determine who qualifies as terminally ill. The first state to pass a pro euthanasia law was Oregon, followed by Washington and Montana. I believe more states should adopt similar laws because it allows patients who truly desire to end their life in dignity to do so, along with preventing patients that aren’t terminally ill and don’t fit the strict requirements from engaging in physician assisted suicide. The right to die is a fundamental freedom of all people and so is the right to end suffering, which is why it should be legalized and not frowned upon in the eyes of society.

Supporters of the legalization of assisted suicide are mainly responding to the amount of suffering that these terminally ill patients go through nearing the end of their life. The current health care system, with the exception of Oregon, Washington, and Montana, leaves these patients in terrible agony and makes them suffer unreasonably and unnecessarily at the end of life. Even with good care toward the end, patients will suffer from avoidable pain and other harsh symptoms creating a very poor quality of life and diminishing their ability to die in dignity. (Guo 2). With assisted suicide as an option for these patients, they have the right to make life and death decisions, which should be a fundamental and individual right of all humans. It also allows them to end their life in a painless and happy death. (Guo 3). Most patients that are terminally ill are hooked up to machines and artificial equipment to keep them alive and people have to wonder at what point these people are even still living. There is a huge difference between being alive and living. Living is defined as the means of maintain life and livelihood and most of these patients are simply kept alive on complex machines in which they stay in bed all day and don’t even have the strength to move themselves. Even though these people are technically alive, they have no livelihood and are not truly living. Quality of life has seemingly become much less important as medicine has improved over the years, because people will do anything do keep their loved ones alive when in reality they are suffering great amounts and the quality of life is so poor that these patients are not truly living. All people truly do want to die with dignity and have a good quality of life towards the end, and without the possibility of active euthanasia, people are having very drawn out lives in agonizing pain resulting in a death with very little dignity. It is the right of the individual to decide if there is no quality of life left and if ending...
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