Benefits of New Technology to Society

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, IPhone Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 11, 2013
New Technology Gives Benefits to our Society
 Today’s society is heavily influenced and affected by technology. Nowadays, people like to come out with new twchnology. There are many technology that useful such as Xbox, PSP, iPhone, broadband and GPS. All these new technology contribute many application that helps people in their daily life. These technology definitely provides benefits to our society which are people can find information and learning something easily, save a lot of time andconnect people all around the world.

First of all,the products of new technologies help people to find information and learning something new easily. Computers together with the Internet help increase the speed of sharing and passing information. Search engines like Google help them to find websites, images, videos, and books that may contain the data they need to work on. In addition, we can also attach images, videos and audios to our messages. Knowledge can also be obtained faster with the Internet. Before the Internet was available, a person has to travel to the library or a bookstore to get a book if he or she did not have a copy of it in hand. Today, he or she can use the search engine to look for the information. Some publishers even make their books available on the Internet. At the same time, people can save a lot of time by using computers, mobile phones etc. This is especially beneficial in the workplace where employees can handle their work faster than   they could in the past by using computers and the Internet. Instead of waiting for the postman to bring the letters containing our messages to our recipients, we can e-mail or send instant messages to them. Also, new technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet have revolutionized the way of communication and finding information. The new way of communication requires less number of spent time and money. By using a medium such as cell phone, people can get connected all around the world. Moreover, there...
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