Benefits of Exercising

Topics: Weight loss, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Jessica Nivira
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Professor Adkins

The Benefits of Exercising
Exercise is beneficial and gets your body in better shape. Some people make exercising a part of their everyday life. I know exercising can be challenging at times. But who finds time to exercise or count calories each day to be healthy? To be able to get on a healthy lifestyle start with these details that is important to remember: eating healthy, staying motivated, and finding a fun way to exercise. First, when being physically active you motivate yourself to make these changes to be fit and to gain health. Motivation is the key point in giving you that extra mile to exercise each day. For example, my best friend had lost 100 pounds in about 2 years. Her motivation was her favorite actor Monique, who was an extremely heavy person. She decided to change her eating habits, which would help her lose weight and live a longer life. So, till this day she has completely become a whole new person and follows a daily low balance diet. Eating healthy is another key factor to excising. Healthy eating starts by making small changes to your diet with the foods that you purchase in the grocery stores. An example of a balanced diet would be: a sandwich made with two slices of 100-percent whole grain bread, two-or three ounces of lean turkey breast, little mayonnaise or mustard, a slice of tomato and lettuce with one-half to one cup raw baby carrots and to drink one can or bottle of sparkling water. Let see you if you can make this effort in eating healthy food instead of a Big Mac that contains 701 calories. Picking a physical activity is also a fun way to exercise is also beneficial. It helps you burn calories, so the more you just get up and move, the more calories you will burn. Here are some choices of example you can do. You may choose to walk around the block for at least 2 hours, run 3 laps, swim 5 laps, lift weights, use home fitness equipment or work out to an...
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