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  • Published : March 26, 2009
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1. Do you think your school would benefit from installing a customer relationship management (CRM) system? How might it benefit you as a student? How could it benefit your school?

Yes. All the advantages from implementing the customer relationship management system will be explained later on from the school’s perspective.

Firstly, from the student’s point of view, we are able to save valuable time due to the increased efficiency of customer (students) service from the school’s administration. All of the administration processes can be handled effectively due to the installation of the CRM system. Secondly, the students would also have a better communication and understanding with the school’s administrators with regards to its administrative processes and procedures.

On the other hand, the school is able to save time and reduce cost. The CRM system is distinct from other systems because it turns the organization’s valuable customers into so-called partners. The customers of the school is empowered to enquire information and filling forms on their own instead of relying on the school’s employees(administrators) to do so. Hence, this decreases the number of school’s administrators. Overall, it helps save time and reduces cost.

Moreover, customer data can be stored and shared throughout the organization. As customer relationships happen on many levels in an organization, a shared database would ensure management decisions are informed efficiently and follow-ups are made in all departments in the school. Besides that, this customer data storage enables the school to easily retrieve relevant information on the customers.

In addition, by installing the CRM system, the school can dramatically increase the effectiveness, efficiency and productiveness of its customer service. This has been explained from the student’s perspective earlier on. By knowing the needs and wants of every customer and giving them what they anticipate, more customers...
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