Beneficial Aspects of Smoking Tobacco

Topics: Smoking, Cigarette, Tobacco Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Tyler Young
Dr. Heafner
English 101 – MW 12:30
13 February 2013
Smoking Tobacco Needs a Second Chance
If asked, many people might say smoking tobacco is horrible in every aspect. They would argue that smoking has claimed numerous lives, and would curse the person who discovered it. Others might say that the odor from smoking tobacco is not worth it. I completely disagree with these claims. Often the benefits of smoking tobacco are overlooked. In fact, I believe smoking tobacco is beneficial because of its convenience, its ability to help one’s mind set, and its ability to create jobs. First, smoking tobacco is good because of its convenience. Smoking tobacco can be convenient for the smoker that is outdoors. The smoke from smoking tobacco repels the pestering bugs, which makes going outdoors a relaxing time. This is convenient because he/she will not worry about bug spray or bug zappers. In addition, smoking tobacco is convenient because it gives smokers an excuse in many situations. For example, my boss and I got into a heated argument at work, the argument got to a point where my boss had no response to my argument. His only response was, “I’m going to step out for a smoke.” The smoking tobacco in this situation gave him the excuse to walk away from our argument. Finally, and possible the most convenience that comes from smoking tobacco is being able to use a tobacco cigarette as a lighter. When the Fourth of July roles around and non-smokers are trying to light a firework on a windy beach with a lighter, frustration will eventually set in when they come to realize the lighter is not going to suffice. Where as to the smokers who are out on the windy beach can simply reach down and light the firework with his/her burning tobacco cigarette. Once that cigarette gets lite it will work as the lighter for the numerous fireworks to come.

In addition to the convenience, smoking tobacco also helps one’s mind. The best way to look at this is to look at a typical...
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