Phase 2 Ip English 101

Topics: Smoking, Nicotine, Tobacco Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Amber O’Brien
Colorado Technical University Online
Instructor Eric Stephenson
Phase 2 IP
I am going to look over the pros and the cons of smoking regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. I am a smoker and I have wanted to quit for a while its really hard just quitting cold turkey. I have heard about the new electronic cigarettes so I wanted to see the pros and cons of each. I am going to compare the dangers of each and the positive of each and then at the end I will decide which one is a better choice. Pros of smoking cigarettes for me would be it helps relieve stress, it also gives my hands something to do. As for other people they have many other pros and some are that smoking real cigarettes don’t cause immediate side effects. They can use smoking to get more breaks throughout the day. Some cons of smoking real cigarettes are that it makes you have bad breath it also makes your hair and clothes stink like tar. It makes your teeth turn yellow after smoking for a while. You have to stand outside in the cold to smoke when you cant smoke inside. It can turn your fingers yellow with the stain from the nicotine and it can cause cardiovascular disease, lung cancer. Now there is the new cigarettes that are electronic. The pros of using the electronic cigarette would be that there is no second hand smoke. It don’t make your clothes, hair or breath stink. The electronic cigarette is way less toxic than a real cigarette. Many work places allow people to use the electronic cigarettes in the building as to where real cigarettes are banned from being used inside. But there are also cons to smoking the electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarettes can be more expensive. There are some places that are banned from having the electronic cigarettes. In the end looking at the different pros and cons of the different types of cigarettes I would have to say that the electronic cigarettes would be the best choice. Even though it could be expensive...
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