Ben Franklin Autobiography Summary

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The man Benjamin Franklin eventually became a man of good character and willingness to accept others. However, as the story of Ben Franklin unfolds you see he was indeed just a man. A man found to be of the same fault and human flaw as us all to which we were born, and that is into sin. Franklin as well as all people fell short. God told us in his word long before Ben Franklin ever existed. Romans 3:23 states “for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.” (NIV). Franklin did prove however, by his own story that man could never be in a state of perfection. Franklin just came to terms that he was just a man, but strived to fight for what he thought was right to the end. Still God chose to bless him with privileged acquaintances.


Benjamin Franklin was indeed a man who strove for self improvement. He may have stated why he pursued perfection very early on in the book with his admittance of errata in regards to his brother James, but more specifically from the book where he states that under Mr. George Brownell, directly from Franklin (1909) “ Under him I acquired fair writing pretty soon, but I failed in the arithmetic, and made no progress in it.”(9) This failure early on probably was the spark that started Franklin, who was marked as prideful to strive for self-improvement. Why would someone of such learning as Ben Franklin and success even mention something of this, especially if he learned the mathematical skill later? His mathematical failure coupled with his inability to manage his relationship with James only added to Mr. Franklin’s ability to see that he was not perfect. The mathematical failure and his brotherly problems along with his father’s torment of ridicule at his reading of poetry as mentioned on page thirteen of the book was enough damage to spark resentment also, and drive him to succeed at his endeavors at all cost. My life can personally attest to that resentment and driven nature. Very early on in my life I was told that a profession could not be had in the concrete industry, and yet I started my own business and very well advanced a successful business for many years. Although like Mr. Franklin our pride which spurs us on to greatness does not preclude us from failure and falls. Everyone we pass on the way up, we tend to pass on the way down. Benjamin Franklin wished that his story would serve as a model to others and be a testament to his blessings in life from God. Ben Franklin was indeed blessed, but he had to learn some hard life lessons. Franklins early exploits as a model to follow would hardly be a model of nothing more than a rambunctious young boy. Even Ben Franklin saw himself as a foolish young man by his admission of erattas, and not very wise to the world, although his pride would not let him admit it. Franklin leaned on the thoughts of Socrates as his ability to draw people out. This was only a practiced method and not that of being able to really read people. Franklin plainly gives testament to his shortcomings in his early character with his stories. There is nothing glorious when he eluded a verbal agreement with his brother James to finish out his indentured agreement. His brother James gave more credibility to Benjamin by striking an unwritten deal with Ben than Ben was deserving of. However, this tale would also give relevance to Gods word that you reap what you sow. It was not very long that Benjamin Franklin was reaping the harvest of his betrayal to his brother when he went to New York to gain employment and being labeled an Atheist. It was the start of his spiral down with one bad decision after another. Franklin’s exploits give self-evident truth to Gods word that God allows us free choice. Later on Benjamin Franklin displayed his own ignorance of the world and showed his real ignorance of people and the foolish decisions of a man that God allows us to make, so that we learn lessons. Although Ben Franklin modeled himself as a smart man,...
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