Beloved Essay

Topics: Ghost, Suffering, Haunted house Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Beloved Essay
Many believe that ghost come back to this world to haunt the living due to actions that they committed towards them while living. In Toni Morrison’s stream of consciousness novel Beloved Sethe a former slave at in Sweet Home committed infanticide. Eighteen years later the ghost of her deceived daughter, Beloved, still haunts Sethe and all the inhabitants of 124. Throughout Morrison’s novel, Beloved has brought suffering and pain to Sethe and Paul D through the author’s use of flashback in order to demonstrate that everyone tries to burry painful memories to stop themselves from suffering.

Short after Beloved’s arrival at 124 she started asking “painful” questions to Sethe about “her past life.” Beloved took “satisfaction” from storytelling because she made Sethe relive and remember “painful or lost” memories. It seems ironic for a lost daughter to come from the death to a loving, guilt full mother and haunt her. Beloved is not here (124) to reconcile with Sethe but to make her come into terms of her guilt and in the moment act of justice that cost Beloved her Life. It’s pathetic for Sethe to serve a girl “not much older than herself” and give her, her all too just receive hurtful remarks and unsatisfied looks. Sethe is losing her in trying to find forgiveness in a girl that does not understand and that all her wants it’s to get some revenge for leaving her.

Paul D keeps his feelings lock up in the “tobacco tin can,” where all his memories as a slave were hidden in order to for him to live life. After his arrival to 124, Paul D felt a compelling urge to sleep away from 124, nowhere near the main part of the house. Beloved came to visit Paul D in order for him to “touch [her] on the inside part” and “call [her] name”, while this was happening Paul D keep the lid on his tobacco tin can tightly close. He knew that giving in to Beloved would freely open his “tin can” and all his painful memories would resurface. Beloved, a temptation for Paul D...
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