Belonging: A Sense of Comfort and Contentment

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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If you didn’t repeat year11 you have to do the same thing as I’m doing right now, which is a letter about the area of study – belonging. Probably you are enjoying year11 while I am suffering year12; I have tons of assignments due next few weeks. I’m writing this letter to you because I know you would ask me for all the year12 assessments at the end of the year also this will help you with the topic, identity which is part of belonging. First I will give you an idea of what belonging is.

Belonging is a sense of comfort and contentment when an individual gains an understanding of themselves in relation to others. However when individual is excluded from a group or community is call alienation and rejection. It is important for one to belong; it can prevent alienation and isolation which can lead to severe emotional and psychological problem. From texts a responder may experience and understand the possibilities presented by a sense of belonging to or exclusion from the text and the world it represents. From different points of view the perception might be different. For example some of the students belong outside of school because of their classmates may be isolating or bully them. Whereas the teacher thinks they should belong to school, community and study for the HSC.

I have chosen three different types of related texts for this Assessment task [Area of Study – Belonging] : the advertisement “how easy is it to forget” produced by BERNAS depicts a typical Chinese family and how the individuals belong within the family. The film “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” directed by Kenneth Branagh examines rejection and alienation of Victor’s creature from society due its shocking appearance; similarly the picture book “Refugees” by David Miller uses ducks to represent the experience of refugees who have been alienated from a place.

In the advertisement “How easy is it to forget”, Bernas shows how one’s perception of their family can be modified over time by the shared experiences and barriers which they have fought to overcome as a group, enriching and strengthening the connection between members such as the father and son. The advertisement is about the son disobeying his Chinese tradition and ending up in a flight with his father resulting in him leaving home. Although he became paraplegic due to an accident at work; but his father helped and taught him how to walk when he was helpless and he returned to his family with a stronger bond than before. The advertisement is to gain support for less fortunate families and people.

An individual’s sense of belonging is influenced by their choices and actions. At the beginning scene the son is leaving his family with his mother crying behind him trying to persuade him not to leave. Belonging to a group is a choice we make and the son clearly makes a decision to leave the family, which shows the barrier he creates between his family. In the flash back illustrate the event that lead to what happened at the opening scene. The son displays no interest in the family traditions and conveys no respect towards the father as shown by the father’s disapproving facial expression. During the dinner the son eats first rather than his father, in Chinese culture that elders eat first is to show respect. Another example is when the son changes the channel that his father was watching, the disconnection between the father and the son has been represented through the use of facial expressions and attitudes displayed by father and son. This is achieved by the camera alternating with a close up from the son and the father’s disapproving facial expression. This disconnection creates a barrier between them caused by the son’s decision and actions. The breakdown of their relationship has been symbolized by the shattering of the bowl of rice. In Chinese culture a meal is where a family connects and deepens the mutual understanding with each other, strengthening the bond within the family. “You...
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