Belonging Speech

Topics: Grammatical person, Indigenous Australians, First person Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Without relationships who would we be, what would we do and where would we belong? Relationships eminently seem to be the foundation of belonging, whether it is in a family, friendship, romance or otherwise. Relationships are able to enrich our identity and sense of belonging which can therefore lead to acceptance and understanding. The term belonging can be associated with positive experiences because it is human nature to feel accepted and wanted. Humans thrive off the idea to belong to someone or something.

These positive experiences can be seen in the verse novel the simple gift by Steven Herrick. Consequently, belonging can also have the ability to have negative repercussions for individuals involved this can be seen in the poem we are going by Oodgeroo Noonuccal as we see a sense of belonging being stolen away.

In the Simple Gift the main character Billy Luckett doesn’t really have any real connection with his father as he is subjected to abuse by him. As Billy has difficulty belonging to his family his abusive relationship with his father is deeply disconnecting the pair. This is the main catalyst for Billy leaving longlands road. By becoming homeless he ultimately finds a sense of belonging to very different people in his new life. These people being Old Bill and Caitlin.

In my opinion Old Bill’s transformation is the most significant and amazing. Old Bill has lost himself ever since the tragic events of his daughter and wife passing away. He lives life like there is nothing to live for he feels isolated, lost and alone. He has put up an emotional barrier around himself, to close himself off to others. That is until he meets Billy. Billy’s simple act of kindness toward old bill helps him accept billy and belong with him. It’s the first time someone has shown him care and concern and not judged him by his living status and truly taken the time to get to know the man behind the alcohol.

When Old Bill first meets Billy he says “Piss of son,...
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