Belonging Speech

Topics: Perception, Paisley Park Records, The Revolution Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Obviously, a sense of connection is a basic human need, and is greatly affected from past experiences within a family, physical place, society, which as a result develop one’s identity. This can be seen in the set text Immigrant Chronicle “10 Merry Street” and “Felik Skrzynecki” both by Peter Skyzynecki, which both poem highlight key themes of alienation, uncertainly of belonging to place, isolate from mainstream.

The poem “Feliks skrzynecki " illustrates different aspects of migrants and their experience within Australia and the difficulties of assimilation for the older generation. The Poem talks about how his dad Felicks skrzynecki belongs to his house a safe place along with his garden and other places where he belongs. The quote " gentile ten time around the worlds" shows positive description and the hyperbole create a sense of belonging which in this case he stay in his garden where he is happy safe and in control .He therefore has a strong connection with his friends and cultural heritage. Unfortunately Peter Skrzynecki doesn’t understand that the lack of knowledge he possesses, along with the distanced sensation he experiences about his polish heritage, the strong sense of familial belonging resonates and despite his denial the persona will always strongly belong to his father. Overall the persona unknowingly will constantly belong. This idea, the fact that the perception of an individual determines what it is to belong is shown in the poem.

Peter Skrzynecki’s poem “10 Mary Street”, explores various aspects of belonging to a place as well as to family. A reoccurring theme of time is present throughout the poem, 10 Mary Street. This is shown through the constant repetition of the line “For nineteen years”. The composer purposely establishes a strong sense of time that conveys routine and steadiness in his life. Throughout the poem the responders can perceive a strong emphasis of security in Peter’s family, who were at the time living happily...
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