Peter Skrzynecki

Topics: Australia, Poetry, Immigration Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Through Skrzynecki’s poem ‘St Partricks College’ portrays the disconnections between school and people reflect the lack of desire to belong to the community and obtain a sense of self. The religious imagery of ‘our lady watched with outstretched arms conveys a sense on welcoming and inclusion is juxtaposed with the pathetic fallacy ‘her face overshadowed by clouds’ and this is symbolizes the persona’s insecurities and doubts for the institution. The persona’s disconnections are further reinforced by the irony ‘I’d been privileged to wear’ demonstrates the mother was motivated by values of social status when sending him to the school. It is in all of her intentions to provide him with ‘What was best’. The repetition‘For eight years’indicates his long school time which emphasizes the persona’s lack of acceptance and lioness from the physical environment highlighting the idea through the depiction of an individual who is disengaged and struggles to develop a sense of connection and find his place where he belongs to.

Also in‘Feliks Skrzynecki’, the struggles of relationships between the generations and the adaptation of migrants from an tradition Polish cultural heritage to the newfound Australian society is significant evident in author and his father’s point of view of his world, how he sees his surroundings. The ‘gentle father’imply a physical journey symbolize the alliteration ‘His own mind’s making’and ‘loved his garden like an only child’represents the protective, isolated and self-contained world which Feliks exist with his own value at his own place as ‘Happy as I have never been’which suggests that his care for the garden is greater than that of his son. The use of Hyperbole “why his arms didn’t fall of” emphasizes the poem’s confusion towards his father’s hard-laboring life create a sense of not belonging as Peter’s perspective of difficult to comprehend Felink’s relationship of the Polish immigrant community to which his father belongs: ‘Always shook...
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