Bellagio Casino Resort Case

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Case 3: Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort

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The Bellagio Casino Resort (BCR) is one of the 23 properties of MGM MIRAGE and widely recognized as one of the premier casino resorts in the world. Beside entertainments options like an expansive pool and a world-class spa there is a large casino area which contains 2,409 coin-operated gaming devices and 143 game tables. Just as in most companies in this industry the casino area is leaded as a separated profit centre (Merchant, Van der Stede, 2007, P.153-155) In this case we’ll discuss the control systems used in the BCR.

1. Prepare a list of all controls applied to the table games in the Bellagio case. Categorize the controls by type (as result, action or personnel/cultural respectively).

|Type of Control |Application | |Result Control |Low Base Salary for Bellagio dealers. Tips are used as a compensation system. The better the dealer works the more tips he get. | |  |An bonus holiday for perfect attendance | |  |The BSC management could earn bonuses based on the result of the casino area and a set of individual performance objectives. | |  |There are three indicators which the BSC uses to measure the results of the casino: 1. the drop (the total amount of cash customers| | |are willing to bet against BSC) 2. the win (gross profit number) 3. the hold ((percentage) primary measure of casino profitability)| |  | | |  |Employees can be chosen as employee of the month or year when they perform well. (without Financial compensation) | |  | | |Action Control |Floor supervisors control three to six blackjack tables | |  |Camera supervision and observation in the casino area (with about 2000 camera's) | |  |standard procedures (For example when dealers receiving tips or for transferring money from and to blackjack tables, for dealers | | |when coins are paid at the table etc. ) | |  |Independent people from the casino area who count the cash and coins daily | |  |The control procedures for credit issuance | | |A mystery guest who observes the dealers to check the customer satisfaction | |  |Tight security in the counting rooms | |Personal/Cultural Control |All employees of the BSC (gaming employees) have to be registered with the GCB (Gaming control board | |  |The BSC uses an own screening system for selecting employees (dealers)...
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