Case 33 – the Casino Industry in 2011

Topics: Gambling, Casino, Nevada Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Case 33 – The Casino Industry in 2011
Brant Davis

Problem Summary

The Las Vegas and Atlantic City locations have lost revenues in recent years. In addition to the economic slowdown, these gambling locations are also facing new competitors in the market that are providing attractive choices to the customers. Though there are some external forces beyond their control, it seems that attractiveness and accessibility are very important focus areas for these cities.


Using the SWOT analysis, we can get a broad picture of the Las Vegas and Atlantic City locations. Some of the strengths of these two cities are; the variety of entertainment they offer, the accommodations available, the atmosphere delivered, and providing a benchmark of quality service expected by the customers. Weaknesses of Las Vegas and Atlantic City are that they can be heavily affected by changes in the economy and the rising numbers of competitors. As the number of competitors rise, Las Vegas and Atlantic City have lost some of their business to places that are simply closer to the customers home. This has opened up some opportunities for these casino giants to make their locations more attractive and accessible to the customers and steal back some of the lost business. One of the largest threats to Las Vegas and Atlantic City locations is that it is getting much easier for the customers to gamble without traveling far. In fact, now the customers have the ability to gamble online right from their homes.


There are several courses of action these cities can take to grow. The first would be to make it even easier to get to their locations. There were times in the past when Las Vegas and Atlantic City used to basically pick the customer up and bring them into town. If it was easier for the customers to reach them, they might take back some of the business lost to more local casinos. The downside to that of course is the cost of travel would then be transferred to...
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